Image from Yealand Kalfayan Butterfly Photography
Image from Yealand Kalfayan Butterfly Photography

Welcome to Butterfly Photography by Yealand Kalfayan

Welcome to this website. Here you will mainly find images of butterflies but there are also some photos of wildflowers. My hope is that these will be of interest to you whether you are a photographer or a natural historian. And if you are neither, I trust that at least some of these photographs will appeal to you from a purely aesthetic point of view. I almost never adjust or process my photographs in any ‘artistic’ way. My belief is that most natural designs and patterns have a beauty of their own which speak to us directly without any need for human interference.

There are four galleries of which two show images of butterflies and moths. The first includes images that are essentially portraits of adult butterflies and moths. The second shows aspects of butterfly behaviour. There is a third gallery with photographs of immature stages. The final gallery is dedicated to wildflowers.

Elsewhere on this site you will find links to other websites of interest. I have included a short list of useful books on butterflies and macrophotography. There is a section describing some of my ideas about butterfly photography.

I hope you will enjoy visiting this website on butterfly photography. Feel free to contact me using the contact page. Please use this if you would be interested in any of my talks or if you have ideas for a specific project involving butterfly photography.